IT Services


Access and User Forms for Employees and Students

Upon filling out a form and agreeing to the terms of use (in German), all employees and students can obtain access to the Internet services of the Mathematics domain.

Please find the User Rules for the Mathematics Computer Lab here (in German).


Conference room

This is the User's Guide and some instructions for use (in German) for our video conference room.

For reserving this room please contact Frau Krüger.


Mathematical software

All students and employees can use various mathematical software (e.g. Mathematica, Maple, Matlab, Octave, Maxima, Tex) in the Computer Lab and cluster.


- ssh


- Install the following programs: Xming, Xming-fonts, Putty.

- Start Xming

- Start Putty.

- Check the box at ->Connection ->SSH ->X11 ->Enable X11 forwarding

- Enter the above host name and port at ->Session

The University of Potsdam has acquired a license for Matlab, Simulink and additional toolboxes with the possibility of free installation for students and employees. More information can be found here.


Configuration of email clients 

Incoming Server  
Authentication method: Normal password
Connection security: STARTTLS
Outgoing Server  
mail.math.uni-potsdam.desmtp via TLS
Authentication method: Normal password
Connection security: STARTTLS