Examination Board


Email: mathepa(at)uni-potsdam.de

Office hours:

Office hours of members: by appointment

Email: mathepa(at)uni-potsdam.de


  • Registration of Bachelor's and Master's theses
  • Applications for assignment in a semester
  • Applications for recognition of previous academic credentials
  • Applications for extension of the examination period
  • Application for guest auditors and auditors from other subjects
  • Compensation for disadvantages
  • Applications for restricted-admission programmes (currently MSc Mathematics)
  • Confirmation and registration of examination entitlement
  • Appointment of module representatives


Here you will find the most frequently requested forms concerning the responsibilities of the examination board. Further forms and information as well as study regulations and legal bases can be found on the website of the University of Potsdam under Studium konkret.

►Anmeldeldung von Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten: 

Please fill in the form


and hand it to the Chair or the Deputy Chair of the examination board.

►Application for guest auditors and auditors from other subjects


Please fill in the respective form, have it signed by the responsible lecturer and submit it (if possible in person) to the chairman or vice-chairman of the examination board.

►Please note that applications for assignment in a semester as well as applications for recognition of previous academic credentials must be submitted to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Office for Studies and Teaching), see




Please note that the University of Potsdam specifies a processing time of six weeks for assignment and recognition applications. This lead time should definitely be planned for in order to meet deadlines, especially during the lecture-free period.

►Request for extension of the examination period for final theses:

First discuss the extension with your supervisor. Then please send a letter to the chairperson of the examination committee containing your name, your matriculation number, the name of your supervisor, the title of your thesis, the current submission date, the requested submission date as well as the reasons for the requested extension of the processing time. Once all the information has been provided, the examination board will decide on the application and, if necessary, forward the result to the examination office.

►Application "Confirmation and registration of examination entitlement":


►Application for compensation for disadvantages: 

Information on the topic of disadvantage compensation and the corresponding application form can be found here.

►Benennung von Modulbeauftragten:

Der Vorsitzende des Prüfungsausschusses Mathematik trägt Modulbeauftragte für Module aller Mathematik-Studiengänge ein. Für Exportlehre (z.B. Mathematik für Biologen) muss der Prüfungsausschuss des jeweiligen Studiengangs (z.B. der Prüfungsausschuss Biologie für das Modul Mathematik für Biologen) die Eintragung vornehmen.

►An overview of all examination boards at the University of Potsdam can be found here.

Mathematics course advisory services:

See Advising and Mentoring Program.