Bachelor of Science: General Information

Dear students, on this website you will find general information about your studies.

  • Stay up to date: Please enrol in the Moodle course BSc Maths Information. Via this Moodle page you will receive current announcements concerning your Bachelor's degree programme.
  • Communication between you, the university, the Institute of Mathematics and your lecturers usually takes place via university e-mail. Therefore, read your university e-mails regularly (preferably daily).
  • The Student Advisory Service for Mathematics helps you with matters related to courses at the Institute, such as organising your studies, selecting courses or planning your dissertation. learn more
  • The Guide to the Bachelor's Thesis contains useful tips for writing a Bachelor's thesis at the Institute of Mathematics. Guide to the Bachelor's Thesis
  • Highly motivated, high-achieving and socially committed students and doctoral candidates have the opportunity to receive funding in the form of a scholarship. Information on this can be found on the pages of the University of Potsdam.

Jobs and Internships

If you are a little more advanced in your studies (from about the 3rd semester), you can apply for a position as SHK (student assistant) at the institute. For current job advertisements, please register in the Moodle course SHK/WHK Stellengesuche Mathematik. If you are enrolled in the course, you will automatically receive all new job advertisements by e-mail.

Internships: coming soon...

Study regulations (in German only)

In principle, the current study regulations (German: Studienordnung) apply at the time of enrolment. Enrolments are only made for the current version of the study regulations. Upon application to the examination board, a change to the currently valid study regulations is possible if you enrolled before the current regulations came into force.

In addition to the subject-specific study regulations, the associated framework regulations, which are superordinate to the study regulations, also always apply.

All study regulations in mathematics can be accessed here, all framework regulations here.

Expiring Regulations