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Chair of Analysis


Welcome to the website of the Working Group on Analysis. The working group is headed by Professor Sylvie Paycha and the secretariat is represented by Christian MolleLearn more


We work on a wide range of topics in analysis, which include: 

  • Algebraic methods for regularization and renormalization in quantum field theory (Hopf algebras, pre-Lie and post-Lie algebras)
  • Analytic methods for renormalization
  • Analytic index theory
  • Gauge field theories and integrable field theories
  • Geometric methods for quantum field theory (e.g. groupoids, infinite dimensional geometry)
  • Microlocal analysis and pseudodifferential operators 
  • Multizeta functions
  • (Perturbative) algebraic quantum field theory
  • Rough paths and regularity structures

Analysis, a fundamental branch of mathematics, offers many points of contact with other areas of mathematics such as geometry, operator theory and algebra, but also with physics. Thanks to these diverse connections, this discipline - despite its longstanding tradition - remains in full swing and forms a central building block of modern mathematics. Learn more


We are looking forward to welcome you to the seminars and events organized by our working group.

During the semester, the following main activities take place on a weekly basis:

We also organize a monthly seminar in collaboration with the University of Beirut: Monthly Online Colloquium "Mathematics in Lebanon and beyond" (momentarily suspended).

Regular events

Another long-standing event that our group organizes every year is the traditional Microlocal Analysis Meeting. The meeting is part of a series of meetings initiated by Professor Schulze devoted to microlocal, singular and global analysis and their interactions with geometry and mathematical physics.

List of past events.


Our working group is actively involved in the diverse teaching program of the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Potsdam. Learn more

Meet the mathematicians

Women in mathematics

Making a place for oneself in the male-dominated mathematical community is no easy task for a woman, and female mathematicians often encounter particular difficulties in doing so. Exhibitions, lectures and debates will shed light on the special situation of women in mathematics.

Traveling exhibition: "Women of mathematics thoughout Europe. A gallery of portraits"

The traveling exhibition "Women of mathematics thoughout Europe. A gallery of portraits" will be shown worldwide and offers an insight into the world of mathematics with the help of portraits (created by Noel Tavia Matoff) and excerpts from interviews (conducted by Prof. Sylvie Paycha and Sara Azzali) of female mathematicians.

Words of Women in Mathematics in the Time of Corona

The film “Words of Women in Mathematics in the Time of Corona” originated from a group of mathematicians, following informal conversations about their experiences during the Covid pandemic. We listen to the 87 women mathematicians from 36 countries speaking 25 languages as we travel around the globe by degrees longitude. The film has also been turned into a book, which is available here.

Women in Science 2024: Lunch Talks "Women in Science - Behind the Scenes"

February 14th 2024, 12:00 – 14:00, Campus Golm, Haus 25, Room F1.01

Witnesses of the reunification at academic institutions

In this series of interviews, male and female mathematicians from Potsdam who experienced the reunification at the Institute of Mathematics or were hired shortly afterwards talk about their experiences. The first interviews were conducted by Prof. Sylvie Paycha, initially together with Sara Azzali, at the beginning of 2018. Further interviews were conducted by Dr. Elke Rosenberger in early 2019. Learn more

Interview with Pierre Cartier (04.12.2014)




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In dieser Serie von Interviews berichten Potsdamer Mathematiker und Mathematikerinnen, die die Wende am Institut für Mathematik erlebt haben oder kurz danach eingestellt wurden, von ihren Erfahrungen. Die ersten Interviews wurden von Prof. Sylvie Paycha, zunächst auch mit Dr. Sara Azzali, Anfang 2018 durchgeführt. Weitere Interviews wurden Anfang 2019 von Dr. Elke Rosenberger durchgeführt. Mehr erfahren


Interview mit Pierre Cartier (04.12.2014)