Some inequalities involving the ADM mass via linear and nonlinear potential theory

24.11.2022, 14:15-15:45  –  2.22 und Zoom
Geometric Analysis, Differential Geometry and Relativity

Francesca Oronzio

In this talk, we describe some monotonicity formulas holding along the level sets of suitable p–harmonic functions in asymptotically flat 3–manifolds with a single end, either with or without boundary, having nonnegative scalar curvature. Using such the formulas, we obtain a simple proof of the positive mass theorem and the Riemannian Penrose inequality. The results discussed are obtained by a collaboration with Virginia Agostiniani, Carlo Mantegazza and Lorenzo Mazzieri.

This talk is part of the seminar Geometric Analysis, Differential Geometry and Relativity organized by Carla Cederbaum (Uni Tübingen), Melanie Graf (Uni Tübingen), and Jan Metzger (Uni Potsdam) . To obtain the Zoom data please contact

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